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Intellectual Property

33For small to mid-size IT companies, it is becoming increasingly important to define and protect innovation and creativity in order to differentiate your services in the marketplace and to build value in your business. Simultaneously, focusing your efforts and categorizing the intellectual property that you can effectively protect while also adding to the value of your business can be difficult and complex.

At ITLA, we understand IT and the various business models IT companies operate within. We can help you cut through the complexity and focus your energy and legal spend on protecting and enforcing your intellectual property rights in the areas that will have the most practical impact for your business. We can help you formulate strategic intellectual asset management programs and create processes to ensure that you always stay on top of your programs.


Protecting trademarks secure the value of your brand and add value to your business. Trademark serve various purposes such as identifying your business as the single source of origin for the goods or services you provide, they distinguish those goods and services from those offered by others and they give you a right to prevent others from adopting similar marks that may cause confusion in the marketplace.

At ITLA, we are experts in identifying your brands to protect for maximum value and then helping you in the acquisition, maintenance and enforcement of those rights.

Trademark prosecution, portfolio management and consultation services

At ITLA, we offer transparent, flat fee structures to perform trademark search and clearance services, docketing all of your trademark matters in our systems, and advising you on registrability of trademarks, development of appropriate goods and services descriptions, identification of correct class categories within which to register your trademarks and providing you advise and counsel on properly using your trademarks.

Trademark related transactional matters

We expertly handle all manner of trademark transactions including acquisitions, divestitures and licenses. We also conduct full trademark due diligence and audits for M&A transactions, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Trademark oppositions, cancellations, and enforcement

ITLA can help you in all aspects of obtaining and enforcing your trademark rights including trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, trademark infringement pre-litigation and other enforcement-related disputes. We also handle domain name cybersquatting matters including domain name arbitration proceedings.


Copyright law exists to protect original authorship. Within the context of IT, this is typically computer code used to create software or to integrate software and solutions from different vendors. However, other types of expression and types of authorship may be protected as well, depending on the circumstances. We can help you determine if you have protectable materials and ensure that you maximize your protection in such materials. Additionally, when working with customers or partners, we help you protect your copyrights so that you do not lose rights in the materials you have created.

Our experience in this area also includes:

  • Global risk analysis of new products, including new software, integration technologies, distribution technologies, XaaS platforms and cloud computing
  • Negotiation and preparation of software and copyright licensing agreements
  • Developing and executing on copyright enforcement programs

Transactional Intellectual Property

For the IT company, the creation of new technology, building of brand and development of other types of intellectual property has become a significant driver of business value. At ITLA, we help you grow and protect the value of your intellectual property. We provide interdisciplinary and holistic counsel on a cross-section of issues involving intellectual property ownership, licensing, development, use, sale or acquisition and protection issues.

With our focus on IT companies and your unique needs, we are able to draw upon a deep well of expertise of IT specific intellectual property matters, compliance, enforcement and other business and legal nuances to help you to successfully and efficiently achieve your transactional goals.