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Information Technology and Communications

Information Technology

Information Technology is at the heart of ITLA services and expertise. IT integrators and vendors are always developing new and innovative ways to deliver IT and communications products and services. We focus on helping you navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of laws and business models in the IT space and within the industries that you may serve.

At ITLA, with our deep expertise in IT transactions, we help you structure transactions to achieve the best economic and business outcomes while ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing potential disputes. Litigation and regulatory non-compliance can have devastating economic impact for a small to mid-size business in particular. We help you avoid this exposure by working with you to navigate through the risk in a cost effective manner.

Technology Agreements

Whether you are dealing with customers, vendors, distributors, or strategic partners, technology agreements set the stage for your commercial relationship. In IT, this relationship is often interwoven with a complex set of laws and regulatory requirements, local and domestic. Our thorough understanding of domestic and international law and industry practices within our focus areas means we can help you achieve successful outcomes. Whether it is a complex one off agreement such as a joint venture or your base template agreements such as a managed services agreement, we work collaboratively with you to customize the contractual terms to reflect your specific business requirements, risk profile and deal terms to help your business succeed.

Some of the typical technology agreements that ITLA assists clients with include:

  • IT Solution Provider customer agreements such as managed services agreements
  • License Agreements
  • Technology Transfer Agreements
  • Solution Development Agreements
  • Website Hosting Agreements
  • XaaS Agreements

Privacy and Information Management

With the evolution of technology models and practices, privacy and data security are central legal concepts affecting IT businesses.  Recognizing the need to ensure that privacy and data security protections remain effective as data collection capabilities evolve, lawmakers in the United States and abroad have been active on both the regulatory and enforcement fronts. This trend is only likely to continue as technology and consumer behavior combine to enable increasing amounts of more detailed information about individuals to be collected and analyzed.

In this evolving landscape, ITLA helps you understand how the dynamic legal framework governing this area applies to your business, and ensure that your policies and procedures are compliant, both for you and for the clients that you may serve.

We help you navigate through the regulatory framework governing privacy and data security in the U.S.; understand key Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory developments, including various new state regulations; learn from private litigation related to privacy and data security issues to avoid issues; educate you about recent and proposed federal and state legislation so you can create actionable plans; and ensure your global strategy complies with international requirements. We have the experience necessary to provide practical, cost effective solutions to problems you might face because of the volume of regulation and the numerous areas where privacy issues arise. We can also assist you with the successful development and implementation of privacy compliance solutions and data breach notification procedures.