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Notwithstanding the size of your technology company, you may have sophisticated needs in the employment context. From utilizing a cost effective mix of employees and contractors to ensuring your employees are not competing with your interests or utilizing your confidential information for personal advantage, getting the right counsel and creating actionable plans to deal with employment issues, you may be able avoid costly legal process and business disruption from the outset.

At ITLA, we focus on prevention, but also can also help you when issues do arise.

Our employment practice revolves around:

  • Employment Counseling
  • Policy and Handbook Development
  • Management Training
  • Dispute Resolution

Employment Counseling

We advise you on employment matters that directly impact your business so that you can avoid unnecessary legal process, ensure you are protecting your business and minimizing economic risk, hiring and firing employees legally and complying with applicable federal and state law. We also work closely with you to ensure you protect your intellectual property through development of appropriate restrictive agreements for employees.

Employment Policies and Handbooks

We work with you to customize appropriate employment policies and employee handbooks for your business.

Management Training

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This advice applies in spades in the employment context. However, if you do not know what needs to be done in specific situations, it can be difficult to prevent issues. As such, we provide you with various training programs in various areas of employment law that are designed to impart knowledge and skills necessary for managers and supervisors to avoid making mistakes that could result in employment law liability.

Dispute Resolution

When issues arise with employees, you need experienced counsel to help you navigate to a successful resolution. We are experts in non-litigation dispute resolution with employees and will help you minimize exposure when such issue do arise.